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Leana Sliding Door Operator

Simple, Reliable, Accessible

Reliable operator and peripheral accessories suitable for everyday use, all the essentials in a practical, functional and minimalistic design.

The Leana Operator carries a total of 2 (Two) years warranty on the motor, and 2 (Two) years warranty on the logic board, giving the end-user total peace of mind.


Compact Operator 100 mm

  • Refined design, smooth surfaces facilitating the installation of activation and safety sensors.
  • Pivoting and removable cover for access to the mechanism.
  • Possibility of under-ceiling installation.
  • Black steel end caps fitted with lugs to suspend the cover during maintenance operations, without necessarily disconnecting the sensors.
  • Cover locking device.

Proven Technologies

  • Universal low power switching power supply.
  • Calibrated motorization for light panels.
  • Logic card integrating a parameter display.
  • Backup battery in the event of a power outage.
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