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Doors with controlled leakage flow

The DIVA L CLEAN sliding door is designed to meet the needs of the most advanced technology sectors where a controlled atmospheric environment is required. This range of doors is perfect for places where air permeability must be controlled: hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, etc. It also provides effective resistance against differences in pressure (whether positive or negative) between the spaces that it helps separate.

DIVA L CLEAN has benefited from specific technical solutions to make it comfortable for you to use. The leaf’s airtightness is provided by rubber seals that form a hermetic barrier. The ergonomics of the smooth, rounded covers prevent dust from collecting and make it easier to clean and decontaminate.

The DIVA L CLEAN operator carries a total of 5 (Five) years warranty on the brushless motor, and 3 (Three) years warranty on the logic board, giving the end-user total peace of mind.

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