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Automatic Fire-Rated Sliding Door

Help prevent the spread of fires in any building! The DIVA RS fire-rated door provides all the comfort of an everyday automatic door, all while contributing to safety in the event of an alarm.
Rated EI2-30, it provides mandatory protection in public-access buildings and workplaces, in compliance with building codes.

Its door leaves can resist flames for 30 minutes in order to contain fires and allow for the safe evacuation of building occupants. The “Metal fire-resistant doors” NF 277 certification compliant with EN 1634-1 and EN 13501-2 standards is proof of its sturdiness.

The DIVA RS operator carries a total of 5 (Five) years warranty on the brushless motor, and 3 (Three) years warranty on the logic board, Giving the end-user total peace of mind

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