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More sustainable buildings thanks to energy savings provided by automatic doors

Towns and cities are home to buildings of different shapes and sizes. On the one hand, there are the older structures, which are gradually being refurbished to optimize their facilities and bring them up to the pace of the 21st century. On the other hand, avant-garde buildings are emerging, impregnated with innovation, simplifying the lives of those who work or live in them.

Automatic doors not only provide comfort and security to users, but also play a crucial role in energy efficiency in buildings. In recent years, this aspect of reducing energy consumption has become increasingly important in the construction and renovation of buildings. Intelligent access is a valuable tool for this purpose. Many construction companies and architectural firms are committed to integrating automatic doors as a component that helps to reduce energy costs in all types of buildings.

Automating doors to reduce electricity consumption

At MC Automations we are aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation to promote a more livable planet. One of the main benefits of automatic doors in terms of energy efficiency lies in their ability to minimize heat or cold losses in buildings. The automation of accesses prevents a door from being left open by mistake or carelessness, which could cause strong temperature changes when the heating or air conditioning system is in operation.

Furthermore,MC Automations automatic doors can be remotely controlled and programmed to close at specific times of the day, such as off-peak hours or during the night, increasing energy efficiency and contributing to the certification of buildings as low-energy buildings.

MC Automations intelligent accesses are also beneficial in energy retrofit projects conceived by architects. In these buildings, the aim is to bring them into the 21st century, minimizing the amount of energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature and achieve sustainability goals.

In our catalog, we have specific solutions for several sectors, including health, residential, commercial, hospitality or office of a company. Hospitals, hotels, restaurants, stores, shopping centers and residential buildings are looking to reduce their energy consumption, and automatic doors contribute to this purpose.

Automatic sliding doors, in standard and telescopic versions, are an ideal choice for street access. They are ideal in contexts with a high flow of people, providing a functional and high-quality solution designed to blend in harmoniously with the architectural environment and facilitate transit without physical contact. These doors are especially effective in overcoming architectural barriers that could obstruct access, as well as optimizing energy efficiency in critical areas such as access from the outside, where a poorly closed door when entering or exiting the building could have a negative impact.

MC Automations also offers automatic swing doors, a perfect solution for building entrances that, due to architectural issues, cannot accommodate sliding doors. Swing doors guarantee a better use of space, and are particularly suitable for intensive use, facilitating the flow of people. They can be installed both in exterior entrances and inside the building, and as with sliding doors, they ensure that there are no sudden changes in temperature due to carelessness when closing, entering, or leaving.

These and other models of automatic doors can be incorporated both in newly constructed buildings and in old structures that require optimization to achieve energy efficiency. If you want to bring added value to a building, contact MC Automations now and our team of professionals will help you in the whole process of design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

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