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Which sensors are used by automatic doors?

Which sensors are used by automatic doors?

The sensor is one of the most important components of an automatic door. It is responsible for making the door panels open or close without the need for physical contact or a key, as well as being a crucial security element for preventing impact and entrapment.

MC Automations has a wide range of sensors, which are adapted to the needs of each customer. But what kind of sensors are there?

On the one hand, there is the proximity sensor, which works just by placing your hand close to the door and without touching it. This sensor is usually installed in areas where hygiene is an important requirement, as it prevents physical contact and the possible transmission of bacteria or viruses.

On the other hand, movement sensors are able to detect the direction the user is approaching from, which means that the door remains open for less time, since by detecting the direction of movement, the door closes more quickly and the opening time is shorter.

If in addition to movement we want to add an extra security feature, at MC Automations we also have hybrid movement and presence sensors, aimed not only at opening the door, but also at preventing people who are about to pass through it from suffering any kind of accident, impact or entrapment. The door opens when a person is moving towards the door or if a person or an object is standing in the detection zone. This provides a high level of security as the door will not close until the area detected by the sensor is completely empty. It is a perfect choice for emergency doors, or entrances to buildings where there is a high number of people passing through, such as entrances to hospitals, hotels, or shops.

Experts in the adjustment of sensors for automatic doors

All the sensors that operate the MC Automatic automatic doors improve the energy efficiency of the premises, establishment or building they are installed in. Intelligent entrances are convenient for people entering a building and eliminate architectural barriers to allow those with reduced mobility and wheelchairs or crutches to pass through.

Also, the sensors that come with all the elements of the MC Automatic automatic doors have a modern and elegant design, and are integrated in the product as a whole, resulting in a high-tech product. If you would like to install automatic doors in your business, contact MC Automations now and our team will advise you on the best sensor for opening and closing the doors of your establishment.

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