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How Much is an Aluminium Window?

The cost of windows for your home or property will depend on a variety of factors such as the size and shape of the window, the style of your property and the ease of fitting. Read on to find out more.

Modern properties
Aluminium windows can fit in perfectly with a modern, clean building aesthetic. Windows for these properties require minimal adjustment in order to provide an appropriate match to their surroundings, and so can start off at great prices around 523.00 ZAR per window. Our aluminium windows range is competitively priced and offers unrivaled quality of manufacturing and engineering.

Heritage properties

We specialise in creating profiles to reflect the look of your home, offering efficient double glazing without compromising on the original character of the building. The prices of these windows will vary depending on your property and the work we need to carry out to match the windows to your home. However, our expertise in this area means we can offer superior quality in our heritage windows for less than competitor’s prices.

Specialty curved and shaped windows

These windows will be the most expensive options when purchasing aluminium windows. However, with our in-house manufacturing process and expertise, we can create custom-built shapes, curved windows and other specialty windows at highly competitive prices, with shorter lead times and a fully bespoke service. These prices once more will highly depend on your requirements and specifications, so why not visit our website to read more about our custom-built windows and request a free quote.

Why can we offer the best prices?
We are separated from our competition by our excellent in-house manufacturing processes and our decade of experience in creating superior aluminium windows. This allows us to streamline our manufacturing process for optimised efficiency without compromising on our high standards of quality, resulting in low prices and outstanding value on all our aluminium windows.

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