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Common Questions About Aluminium Vista-fold Doors

The rising popularity of Bifold/Vista-Fold Doors among architects, self-builders, and commercial properties, has caused a few misconceptions to start spreading in the world of renovations. So, we’ve compiled the most common questions we’ve received here at MC Automations

Why is Aluminium A Good Choice for Bifold/Vista-Fold Doors?

Aluminium is the best material to work with, both practically and architecturally for several reasons:
Unlike wood, aluminum doesn’t rot because it doesn’t absorb moisture.
Unlike uPVC, it doesn’t go through discolouration as a result of exposure to sunlight.
Aluminum can easily outlast uPVC by a decade. The average lifespan of an aluminium frame is 30 years, whereas a uPVC window lasts 20 and a timber window’s survival is heavily dependent on the level of care you give it.

How Secure are Aluminium Bifold/Vista-Fold Doors?

If you buy from a trustworthy supplier, install them properly, and take the required measures, bifold doors may be immensely secure.

Our aluminium bifold doors here at MC Automations , implement Secured by Design approved, multipoint locking systems that lock the bifold doors into place from multiple places, with just the twist of a single key.

Or for anyone conscious of a literal “break-in”, all our projects are comprised of toughened glass and we also offer laminated glass options that do not shatter. Instead, they’re designed to hold together in the same way a car windshield would if it receives an impact.

Are Bifold/Vista-Fold Doors Energy Efficient?

Renowned for being very big builds, bifold doors are often a point of concern when it comes to energy efficiency. That’s why we’ve made it a point to design our Aluminium Bifold Doors to meet and exceed Building Regulations in England and Wales. Each of our units achieved U-values at 1.2 which is the standard we’ve set for our glazing units thanks to our 28mm glass with Planitherm coating.

Are They Weather Resistant?

Aside from the many attributes that aluminium has, we’ve also gone out of our way to put our bifold door products through rigorous tests to ensure they can protect your home and maintain durability. The results of our rigorous testing show that we’ve achieved a state of being so airtight that it’s now rated class 4 permeability and is resistant to water penetration. These tests were conducted under the BRE Standard Terms and Conditions of Business for testing.

Where can I learn more about MC Automations Aluminium Bifold Doors?

Visit our dedicated product page to learn more about the many key features of our aluminium bifold doors. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to get through to an industry specialist.

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