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How automatic doors in a hospital help save energy

MC Automations automatic doors play a key role in the energy efficiency of hospitals by providing a number of benefits that help optimize energy consumption. Our accesses prevent doors from remaining open, and maintain climate control when heating or air conditioning is used, all of which contributes to energy savings.

In a hospital, a clinic or any other type of building in the health sector, the intelligent accesses designed, manufactured and installed by MC Automations contribute to sustainability and environmental care.

The keys to energy efficiency provided by Manusa automatic doors

Air flow control:MC Automations automatic doors are designed to open and close quickly and in a controlled manner. In fact, they are the fastest on the market. This minimizes the loss of conditioned or heated air from within the hospital’s climate-controlled areas. By maintaining a consistent indoor environment, there is less of a strain on the HVAC systems, which contributes to saving energy.
Controlled locking:MC Automations smart accesses are equipped with presence or motion sensors that detect when someone is approaching or leaving a room or section of the hospital. This prevents doors from remaining open unnecessarily and allows them to close quickly once the person has passed through. This prevents heat or cold loss and saves energy.

A wide range of automatic doors for the healthcare sector

Within our catalog of intelligent accesses there are some products specifically designed for the healthcare sector and others that adapt perfectly to building entrances and accesses to different indoor spaces within a hospital.

For outdoor accesses, which are usually one of the points that cause the highest losses in temperature, it is worth mentioning the automatic sliding door in its standard, telescopic and curved versions, and the automatic revolving door. In relation to the interior areas, which require high levels of hygiene and safety, it is important to talk about hermetic automatic doors, either in their sliding or swing versions. This is the case of operating room areas, which require a specific temperature and humidity that this type of intelligent access is able to guarantee.

On the other hand, there are the leaded doors for radiology rooms, which have been specifically designed to guarantee insulation in X-ray areas with lead sheets up to 2 and 3 millimeters thick.

Installation of automatic doors in hospitals

At MC Automations we work together with architects and builders in order to develop a customized solution for each project. We are convinced that the construction of new buildings that are energy efficient offers an advantage for society as a whole. We also help improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings, regardless of age, by designing customized solutions.

If you manage or run a hospital and want to install automatic doors to optimize energy savings in the building, contact MC Automations now and our team of professionals will advise you on choosing the best product and customizing it to make it a new, innovative, elegant solution for the XXI century.

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