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Revolving doors

Revolving doors
For entrances that are sure to make an impression

Revolving doors are used wherever impressive entrances are needed. They provide a striking entrance, especially when used in public buildings, hotels, banks, insurance offices or airports.

In large public buildings such as hotels, banks, insurance companies or airports, revolving doors serve as a design element for spacious architectural facade solutions. If the facades are to remain free of additional escape doors, the installation of the revolving doors GRA-F and the large-capacity revolving door GGR from MC Automatic, which are approved for escape and rescue routes, is a good option because the leaves can be folded away in the event of an escape situation to ensure the escape route is completely unobstructed. The systems are TÜV-tested and provide the necessary level of security for entrance doors. (National regulations must be observed in this case.)

Due to their design, three- or four-leaf revolving doors prevent draughts in the foyer. They contribute to energy efficiency in the building by separating the indoor and outdoor environment. Revolving doors achieve an optimum frequency of people, as it is possible to pass through the building from both the inside and outside at the same time. A night shield protects revolving doors from being misused outside of operating hours.

Special security revolving doors can be used in any entrance situation where a security device is required. In particular, they provide banks, insurance offices, government ministry buildings, authorities, data centres, industrial plants or office buildings with extra security and convenience.

The large number of revolving door variants permits individual entrance solutions. Irrespective of the variant, you can rely on TÜV type-tested quality to DIN 18650/EN 16005.

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