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Open doors contact-free with MC Automatic swing-door drive

Open doors hygienically with the MC Automatic swing-door drive

Viruses and bacteria are often transmitted through contact with objects such as lever handles. Automatically opening door systems provide effective protection against this. With contact-free opening, they provide greater hygiene and convenience in all everyday situations.

It is impossible to eliminate germs completely, even by following the general hygiene recommendations such as sneezing and coughing into the crook of the arm, and frequently and thoroughly washing hands. Pathogens can also be found on objects. Germs can find their way on to the mucous membranes via the hands and cause infection. Viruses, bacteria and germs are frequently found on door handles – in public buildings, and also at the workplace or in care facilities. Automatic entrance systems are being used more and more frequently in the retail trade to enable users to pass through doors hygienically.

MC Automatic is offering the MCW 60, which is equipped with corresponding sensors, to enable contact-free opening and closing of doors. Activation can be fully automatic, depending on the construction situation, via a radar detector or a contact-free wall-mounted push-button. It is recommended that house entrance doors should be combined with multi-point locking to implement also burglar protection and escape route security.

Retrofitting of automation systems to interior and exterior doors

The MCW 60 swing-door drive can be used on doors with any frame material. It can be supplied in various surfaces. Automation of existing swing doors is possible at any time by retrofitting the MCW 60.

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