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Which are the best automatic glass doors?

One of the main characteristics of many companies is transparency. They want their customers to know all aspects of the brand’s values. Surprisingly, an element of marketing that helps in this process is for entrances and spaces to be as open-plan as possible.

Therefore, as well as glazed walls in offices or, for example, shops, hospitals and hotels, doors must also be mentioned.

Any entrance gives an initial impression to visitors and customers. An opaque door might indicate that the company has something to hide. This is why many brands use doors that allow you to see through them.

Over time, it has become increasingly commonplace to see fully automatic accesses at entrances and exits of buildings and offices in all sectors. But which are the best automatic doors with glass leaves in the market? There are three types of leaves:

Transparent: These include those with a single upper profile, those with an upper and lower profile, or those with transparent panic break-out profiles.
Framed: The entire perimeter of the glass is framed with aluminium. Also applicable to panic break-out doors.
With special functions: In this section we have doors with transparent panic-proof profiling, framed panic-proof profiling or hermetic glazed door leaf. In this sense, it is worth mentioning the explosion-proof doors and the fire doors. Both of these – together with the panic doors – are the glazed doors with the highest added value. Also it is worth mentioning the A44-H4 (Clearview) for Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in hospitals.
All glass is top quality to ensure the optimum durability of the product. They also include stainless steel and high density laminate finishes. This ensures they work perfectly with any model from our range of drive units.

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