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Keep Your Commercial Door Working

A Commercial Door Malfunction Completely Disrupts Traffic in a Building
When a pedestrian commercial door breaks down in your facility, it completely disrupts the traffic in the building, especially if it’s an automatic front door. You need the problem solved fast because it’s costing money and is a major inconvenience.

Unfortunately technicians often have a slow response time, show up without the spare parts they need and don’t have the experience to fix the problem. Many people suffer, waiting for just one person to arrive and do a proper job.

At MC Automations (Pty) Ltd We Keep Your Commercial Door Working

We are a commercial door company dedicated to fast response times, with the largest local presence and the most technicians on the road.

Our certified technicians are the most experienced in the industry and come with fully stocked vans, ready for almost any repair to your door. We solve problems with all types of pedestrian commercial doors efficiently and at a competitive price.

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