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Elements for preventing theft in data centers

MC Automatic Doors offer several elements that make them a highly secure access for restricting access to specific areas of a building where there are data and information storage servers.

On the one hand, they offer impact resistant laminated safety glass, as well as the option of fitting an anti-lever guide underneath. And if you want to add extra security, you can also opt for the different accessories offered by MC Automations: RFiD cards, facial recognition or numeric keypads.

The airlock system is also an optimal solution if you want to prevent unauthorized persons from entering. It can be used with linear, curved, or swing doors, so it adapts 100% to the architectural requirements.

The safest automatic doors on the market

MC Automations as a wide range of intelligent accesses that can be integrated in a data center, both in private and sensitive areas and at the entrance of the building or in the company’s offices.

These automatic doors are manufactured using the best materials on the market, which are sturdy enough to withstand knocks and breakage attempts.

If you would like to improve the security and efficiency of your business, contact MC Automations now and our team will tell you which are the best solutions for protecting all your goods against any attempt of theft or damage to infrastructure.

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